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Mrs. E.L. Hoogstraate
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Conscientious, resolute, team player

Esther Hoogstraate has amassed a great deal of experience in the practice of business law litigation (corporate and commercial litigation). Prior to this, she gained much experience in the field of M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions). She is also a MfN registered mediator.

Esther studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam. After a brief period working at the IDTV media company as in-house counsel, in 1999 she joined Stein Bisschop Meijburg & Co. as an attorney. From 2001 to 2012, she worked as attorney at Spigthoff in Amsterdam. In 2012 she founded Hoff Advocaten together with Jerry Hoff.

After 20 years working as an attorney in corporate litigation, Esther felt the need to be able to assist conflict parties in a different way. If a conflict has not escalated too far or if the court insists, (business) mediation is a realistic alternative. After all, parties are often better off if they succeed in finding by themselves a solution that is acceptable to both of them: the solution can be more creative, the relationship can be maintained and it often saves time and money. In order to be able to guide conflict parties, Esther has become an MfN registered mediator. With her many years of experience as an attorney at courts and tribunals (including the Enterprise Chamber), Esther is pre-eminently able to assist parties in finding a solution to their dispute without a judge having to make (all) decisions.

Esther Hoogstraate is secretary of the Disciplinary Tribunal of the BNA (Royal Association of Dutch Architects).